Отель Томь River Plaza


The place where you return...

The restaurant includes the spacious General and Small rooms, the hall and an elegant, cozy patio with the panoramic windows in a floor opening a magnificent view on Tom River Embankment and on the opposite high, rocky coast with a pinery. The capacious space of a verandah has seats on 100 people, providing zones, both for the big companies, and for private communication.

The atmosphere of the real rest in combination with ideally prepared dishes leave the best impressions and satisfy preferences of any guest as in the menu the most popular recipes of world cookery are offered.

The PORT42 restaurant offers dishes of the European, Russian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The extensive wine list is constantly updated by interesting finds from different parts of the world.

PORT42 restaurant as this seaport, geographically very remarkable – as the magnet attracting guests because of the popularity and beauty.

The restaurant is located in the old downtown, on Tom River Embankment, among houses - monuments of architecture of Kemerovo. In the restored and updated building of the hotel Tom which became "TomRiverPlaza", the first five-stars hotel of Kuzbass.

Successful interior decisions allowed to create the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and to make an interior stylish and modern. An arrangement of halls at PORT42 restaurant to hold corporate banquets, business meetings, conferences and festive events.

Phone: +7 (3842) 633 000
Opening hours 24 h.
insta @port42